An authentic Montessori environment is referred to as a “Children’s House.” It is a place where children are able to choose their own tasks, and to interact with each other freely in a multi-aged and dynamic classroom. The children’s joyful, purposeful and inquisitive nature is fostered through community and respect.

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The Morning Montessori program is designed for children 2 1/2 to 6 years of age. The children receive diversified instruction from fully credentialed Montessori teachers and trained classroom assistants. The Montessori curriculum addresses the needs of the whole child — cognitive, social, emotional and physical — through carefully prepared activities.

The children practice daily living activities designed to develop concentration, coordination, order and independence. They use materials to refine their senses and make them careful observers. They work with math and language materials to master learning skills and discover their world through the areas of science, geography, art, music and history.

The Extended Day Montessori program compliments the Morning Montessori experience, providing a nurturing and engaging environment to spend the afternoon. Young children who nap or benefit from extended rest periods are able to sleep/rest. Children who no longer benefit from an extended rest period spend their afternoons interacting with the Montessori classroom materials, receiving lessons, and enjoying creative activities and free play.

Some of our Extended Day students’ favorite activities are cooking and baking, cultivating fruits and vegetables in our school community garden, and learning Spanish.

This program is designed to meet the growing academic needs of children 5-6 years of age. The kindergarten program supplements the Morning Montessori program, providing time for each student to receive comprehensive and advanced lessons in math, language, science, geography and cultural studies. They participate with their kindergarten classmates in deeper cultural exploration that allows them to practice their reading, writing and math skills in meaningful ways and develop critical thinking abilities and begin the process of abstract learning.

The kindergarteners not only soar academically, but also solidify their confidence, self-esteem, creativity and leadership skills. Montessori Kindergarten is a very special time as the children become leaders in the classroom and mentors to the younger students.

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